Interested in 24 x 7 Concierge
Access to Your doctor?

Over the years, many of our patients have requested an additional level of care and access to our physicians. While we pride ourselves on excellent care for each of our patients, this level of access at a fair price is exciting for us and hopefully will be widely embraced by a majority of our patients. We are known for practicing old fashioned medicine and we hope that this concept will allow us to continue to practice in this manner. In the current medical system it is becoming harder and harder to provide excellent care while keeping the lights on – For 12 years we have done just that and this is our solution going forward.
Concierge Level Fees:
20-45y/o 46-65y/o 66y/o++
For these patients we offer the following enhanced services:
  • 24 x 7 cell phone and email/text access
  • Priority and ensured same day visits
  • Home visits when very sick
  • Sunday and late evening or early morning physicals and sick visits
  • Extended physical exams
  • A dedicated phone line

We will continue to submit your regular insurance and you will be responsible for any copays or deductibles in the office.